How to sell beats

Basically, it’s about getting a steady stream of new potential customers and developing relationships with the most promising ones on a daily basis. You only need to have a FEW DOPE beats – you don’t have to release new ones every day, every week, or even every month. Like I said before, those artists have to be perfectly targeted ones, so you won’t waste your time talking with people who will never buy anything.

Targeting is the most important thing in this whole strategy.

There is a million artists out there (I can find about 1 mln on social media) that you can contact, but only like 20% are consistent buyers (ever heard about the 80/20 law?). Others are only using free beats for their mixtapes, they are broke or whatever (That’s why, if you hit up artists in the past, they mostly won’t buy anything. Because that’s what the vast majority of artists are).

 For the tactic I use – you want to contact up to 50 artists a day. It’s around 18.000 in a year. That’s A LOT. 

But you only want to contact ACTUAL BUYERS.

If you hit up everyone without targeting, then only 20% might be interested in doing business with you – about 3.500 versus 18.000 when if you did it right. That’s a HUGE DIFFERENCE. And now, the second most important thing – it’s not only about hitting up 100% buyers but also ones that are into your type of beats.

The more specific the better – if you make type beats – target artists that are specifically into these type beats. If you are not necessarily focused on making type beats, then whatever you create – trap, boom bap, sad, emotional, piano, guitar – anything, you can at least point a few succesful producers that you are inspired by, so you can aim artists that also like their beats – as they will probably like yours, too.

This way you get yourself a strictly defined list of actual buyers that are into your type of beats – so perfectly targeted audience to show your beats to.

Look what most producers do – they hit up every artist they could, not knowing if they buy or not, asking them to check out beats, and pushing them to buy. After 20 conversations they give up because 19 (80%) of those people were not even into buying beats. And that one person that might be a buyer didn’t reply (it happens). If they showed their beats to 20 artists that are in the market for the kind of beats they are making, and their beats were good – they will make some sales and could build from there. But it’s not knowledge that everybody has.

Now look, here is where the magic happens – if your beats are really dope, and you show them to the right people – they will go after you, not you after them. You won’t even have to persuade them to buy anything. Think about it – when you hear this dope melody, sample, snare or I don’t know, dope sneakers, you just NEED THEM, right? So you will probably buy. The same with artists.

They are in the market for beats and BOOM. You show up with the exact type of beats they are looking for. And they are ready to spend money on them as this is exactly what they are looking for. (I’m an artist myself so I know what I’m talking about, lol).

Now, they start asking you for new beats, they peep your story for new beat leaks, and they wait for your email. You literally make yourself new fans, one by one, consistently – every day. And so you build yourself a base of returning customers.

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Like I said before. Among these 18.000 artists that you hit up in a year, only turn 100 into consistent buyers who spend just $50-100/month with you on beats. Just 100 people. It’s $5.000/10.000 a month.

That's the strategy

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